Gutter Guard Sydney


Gutter Guardian – Sydney’s first choice in premium gutter guards

Gutter Guardian gutter guards are Australia’s highest quality gutter guards made out of Marine grade aluminium. Gutter Guardian not only extends the life of your gutters up to three times longer than unprotected gutters, but helps save you time on cleaning, money on water and your home from fire.

Sydneysiders from Annandale to Zetland are fed up with endless gutter cleaning and huge gutter replacement costs. That’s why they’re turning to Gutter Guardian to protect their gutters and home.

Gutter Guardian – no more cleaning

There is nothing worse than finding your gutters clogged with junk and debris from trees, grass and other plants. If you don’t have gutter guards, you have to get them cleaned regularly. You either have to do it yourself or pay someone to do it. It either costs you time better spent on something you enjoy or money that’s out of your pocket.

Worse still, unprotected gutters tend to last two to three times shorter than gutters that have guards installed.

Gutter Guardian gutter guards are made from fine woven mesh that can keep objects as small as mosquitos from out of your gutters. That means no more twigs and leaves in your gutters, and no more cleaning.

Save Sydney’s most precious resource – water

Despite the big drought breaking in 2010, Sydney, the Blue Mountains and the Illawarra are still subject to Water Wise Rules that govern when you can water your garden and how to wash your car. You can get fined up to $220 for breaching these rules.

If you have a water tank system installed, you want to make sure you save every drop of acid-free, untreated water that flows from your gutters and avoid using your tap, which costs you money. Using water from your own water tanks is exempt from Sydney Water Wise Rules.

Installing Gutter Guardian gutter guards on your gutters means you can extract the most from every rainfall, making sure you get the most into your water tank.

Gutter Guardian – a line of defence against bushfire

Every Sydneysider remembers the choking smoke that blanketed our city and suburbs in 2013. We may know someone who was affected by the bushfires personally. If you want an extra protection for your home against bushfires, consider Gutter Guardian gutter guards.

Gutter Guardian products are fire rated below 1 by the CSIRO, one of the highest ratings for Australian gutter guard products. Gutter Guardian’s Marine grade aluminium and 1.4mm apertures keep out all kinds of debris and ash and is fully fire resistant.

Gutter Guardian – quality guaranteed from the manufacturer

All Gutter Guardian products are given a 20 year manufacturer’s warranty, as sign of their durability and quality. Gutter Guardian also promises that your gutter guards will not rust or discolour due to oxidation. This will extend the life of your gutters, saving you thousands in replacement costs.

You can make substantial savings buying Gutter Guardian products as you’re buying direct from the manufacturer. We guarantee you are getting best value with Australia’s highest quality gutter guard product.

Gutter Guardian products can be installed DIY or you can arrange for installation from a licenced Jims’ Group installer.

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