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Melbourne’s best gutter guards are at Gutter Guardian

We all know how unpredictable the weather is in Melbourne. One minute it’s pouring down, the next minute the sun’s shining. With such wild weather out there, it’s important to keep your gutters free of muck and mess because you’ll never know what will come next.

Gutter Guardian is designed to protect your gutters from the elements. We achieve by fabricating a fine aluminium mesh with apertures so small (1.4mm) that even mosquitos can’t fly through. All of our gutter guards come direct from the manufacturer, so you get the most competitive prices on the market.

All our gutter guards come with a 20 year manufacturer’s warranty as a guarantee on our Marine-grade, high quality gutter guard product.

Collect more water for your garden

We all remember the drought and the water restrictions that came with it a few years ago. In fact, Melbourne and Victoria are still subject to water restrictions that came in on 1 December, 2012. It’s important that we keep as much water in our tanks as possible to make sure we have reserves during times of scarcity and to save money on drawing water from the tap.

Gutter Guardian gutter guards protect your gutters from leaves, twigs and other plant matter. This allows more pure rainwater to flow into your water tank, saving you money by using the tap less often.

Not only will you benefit from fuller water tanks, but you’ll never have to clean your gutters ever again!

Keep your family safe with Gutter Guardian

Fire safety in Melbourne, especially in the outer suburbs and regional areas is of paramount importance in summer. When temperatures soar above 40C, gutters filled with leaves and plant debris are like kindling traps on your roof. Gutter Guardian gutter guards keep this sort of junk out of your gutters to ensure your family is better protected against bushfire.

Gutter Guardian gutter guards are one of the only gutter guard products on the Australian market rated less than 1 by the CSIRO for fire safety protection.

Unlike other lesser quality gutter guards made from fibreglass or plastic, Gutter Guardian is made from high strength aluminium mesh and is totally flame resistant.

Well-kept gutters may mean higher property prices

Whether you’re a property owner or an investor, leaving your gutters exposed to the elements could be shaving dollars off your price come sale time.

Frequently clogged gutters are prone to spillages over the lip of the gutter and on to the ground below. This excess water could ruin your landscaping under awnings, cause mould in your brickwork, or have damp fester in your foundations. Damp, mould and cracks not only makes your house look unsightly, but also is a huge hidden cost in the long run.

The house repairs aside, your gutters themselves may become exposed to rust and require replacing, which could cost you up into five figures.

Gutter Guardian mesh also protects against birds nesting underneath solar panels which are not only noisy but can damage your expensive equipment.

Call your Gutter Guardian today

Call now to get a free, no-obligation quote on Gutter Guardian gutter guards for your home or property. Our gutter guards are easy to install and you can do it yourself, or arrange for a licenced Jim’s Group professional to install for you. If you want to store more water, help protect your family from fire and improve your property’s value, call Gutter Guardian today.