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If you’re used to Brisbane’s long summers by now, you’ll know you’re under threat from soaring temperatures as well as huge downpours. Your gutters take the punishment from the sun and the rain. If your gutters or old are aren’t made of the best quality materials, they will wear out faster.

As the rain comes, so do leaves, plant material and other twigs and leaves. When the sun returns and beats down, this build-up left inside your gutters dries out, becoming a real fire hazard.


Get the Gutter Guardian solution

Gutter Guardian is Australia’s highest rated premium gutter guards and are now available in Brisbane, the suburbs and greater Queensland. Gutter Guardian gutter guards are made from the highest, Marine grade aluminium and protect your gutters from wear and tear, giving them up to three times longer lifespans than ordinary, unprotected gutters!gutter guard brisbane

This can save you thousands of dollars when lesser quality gutters rust and need urgent replacement.

Australian made for Australian conditions

Gutter Guardian products are 100% Australian made and come with a 20 years manufacturer’s warranty.

Gutter Guardian mesh gutter guards are designed with the smallest apertures or openings that are able to keep out insects as small as mosquitos. This not only protects your gutters from leaves and twigs, but plant debris almost as small as dust. This helps, save water, guard against fire and frees up time and money spent on maintenance.

CSIRO Certified Fire Rating under 1 – protect your home better

Gutter Guardian is fire rated under 1 by the CSIRO, recognising its superior aluminium based gutter protection technology. Gutter Guardian manufactures guards that are non-combustible, adding another line of defence to your bushfire protection plan.

Save water with Gutter Guard

If you have leaves in your gutters, they can and will clog up your drainage pipes. This means less water in your water tank come summer, when rain may be scarce. Not only that, leaves in your gutter absorb water and evaporate when the sun hits, which robs you of debris-free and acid-free pure rainwater. This means you’ll be paying less out of your own pocket for water!

Getting the ladder out to clean gutters – a thing of the past

Gutter Guardian’s fine aluminium mesh means you’ll never have to take out your ladder to clean your gutters again. All debris, twigs, leaves and other plant material is deflected off your gutters, ending up elsewhere. You won’t be risking your neck climbing up to clean your gutters nor will you ever have to pay for professional gutter cleaning services. This means more money in your wallet and more time to spend on things you really enjoy.

Easy to install – DIY options available

Gutter Guard is easy to install, and you can do it yourself. We also have an instructional video to help you with the process.

We also recommend Allan from We Clean Gutters  and Colin from Ideal Gutter Solutions  for residents in Brisbane and the Brisbane suburban area.

Allan says “of all the guards he has seen over the years, this is the best value for money you can buy.”

Colin’s gutter expertise is in high demand and has a stellar reputation for gutter installation and servicing.

Get your own Gutter Guardian today

If you want to save time on gutter cleaning, money on water and gutter replacements and have peace of mind come bushfire season, Gutter Guardian is the perfect gutter protection solution. Call now for a quote or contact us today!